Leveraging the Mind to

Improve Performance

Who We Are

CSCS utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to support athletic departments and sports organizations.  Our key strength is our ability to break down complex data and translate it into simple, actionable information.  Our Performance Science team collects and integrates data from a variety of assessments, including technologies to measure conditioning, heart rate variability, training workload, sleep and recovery, reaction time, balance, burst speed, object motion and tracking and mental readiness. 

We distill all of this data to provide an action plan to help coaches and athletes to optimize athletic performance.  Starting from the perspective of Sport Psychology and Neuroscience, we leverage our understanding of the data we collect to help optimize Biomechanics, Nutrition, Recovery, Physiology, and Strength and Conditioning.

The CSCS Performance Science Team 

Dr. John P. Sullivan
, CEO of CSCS, is a thought leader in the area of sport science and human performance.  He is a clinical sport psychologist / applied sports scientist and facilitates both clinical and performance enhancement services for Providence College, the University of Rhode Island, and within the professional ranks of the NFL, NBA, WNBA, and MLS. He has worked in the NFL for 13 years coordinating clinical care, human performance technology, and facilitating the league’s Rookie Success Program.  [READ FULL BIO]


John Lanzafame
, CFO of CSCS, is an entrepreneurial, operations-focused senior executive with extensive experience in building and leading organizations.  Leveraging over twenty years in the medical device industry combined with years of technology and sports management, Mr. Lanzafame combines extensive experience in business development and executive-level management with a strong technical background in product development and commercialization. [READ FULL BIO]




Dr. Dave Botsford is a clinical and sport psychologist based in the CSCS California office.  Dr. Botsford has worked with numerous athletes, coaches, and teams from youth to elite levels, including collegiate NCAA Division I, II, and III athletes, helping to make competitive performance more consistent, efficient, and successful.  [READ FULL BIO]





Dr. Jason Vescovi is an Exercise Physiologist/Applied Sport Scientist with expertise in physical performance assessments, ACL injury prevention, the Female Athlete Triad, and monitoring the physical demands of games and training sessions.  He has spent the past 5 years leading the single largest study in North America to determine the physical demands of field-based sports using GPS technology. [READ FULL BIO]