Leveraging the Mind to

Improve Performance


What is sport psychology?

The study of psychological factors associated with participation and performance in sport, exercise and other types of physical activity. In other words, sport psychology focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of sport performance.

Who is a qualified sport psychologist?

A fully qualified sport psychologist is first a psychologist; someone who has training and licensure in clinical or counseling psychology. In addition, the individual has obtained sport-specific experiences in principles and practices of applied sport psychology, organization and systemic aspects of sport, an understanding of developmental and social aspects of sport and knowledge of exercise physiology and kinesiology.

How could a sport psychologist help me? Is it just for elite athletes?

By focusing on the mental and emotional aspects of sport performance, sport psychologists help athletes more consistently perform at a peak level and give them more control over their performance. Sport psychology services can help most people regardless of age or competitive level that are interested in improving their performance or deriving more enjoyment from sport and life. There are a wide range of reasons why athletes may work with a sport psychologist including problems with motivation, confidence, focus and attention, competitive stress, recovery from injury/prevention of injuries, eating disorders, depression, and substance use/abuse.

Can I use the same skills I use in sport in other areas of my life?

Absolutely! Most sport performance enhancement skills, such as mental imagery, relaxation training, self-talk training and goal setting are transferable to other areas of your life.

My problems are outside the sports arena, can Clinical & Sports Consulting Services help me?

Definitely! Because we are clinical psychologists we are trained and qualified to address personal concerns as well as athletic concerns. As you might imagine, your outside life often affects your sport and your sport affects your life.

Can Clinical & Sports Consulting Services help me with performing if I’m not an athlete?

Yes! The research that supports our understanding of athletic peak performance supports the concept of creating peak performance for people from all walks of life, occupations, and endeavors (e.g., artists, musicians, business people, lawyers, doctors, teachers, students, etc.). We can assist you in the process of creating more consistent (high) levels of performance just as we do with athletes.