Leveraging the Mind to

Improve Performance

Categories of Assessment

At CSCS, we assess aspects of performance that are normally thought of as “intangibles,” yet they are some of the most important factors that determine success, including character, decision making, reaction time, the ability to learn and recover, and the ultimate potential of the brain and body.

Throughout our assessment process, we measure the current state and the potential of the athlete. Our goal is to provide feedback quickly and concisely to the athlete, coach, and team to help achieve peak performance.

We use the latest technology from the areas of neuroscience, sport psychology, and exercise science to gather and translate data for coaches and teams to provide a competitive advantage.

Achieving the goal of peak performance is complicated. We make sense out of performance through the use of integrated sport science. Through our years of research and practical experience we have selected and integrated the most relevant technology to assess and maximize performance.

Assessments may be conducted for a range of purposes, and at multiple times throughout a season, and we will work with your organization to provide the best package of services to meet your needs. A few of the common options we offer are:

Individual Performance Testing
Maximal Steady State (MSS) / Lactate Response to Exercise - Performance test with full training zone analysis and consultation
VO2 Max Test - VO2 testing is an excellent indicator of the athlete's overall fitness level and performance potential.  Heart rate and power values that are determined from the athlete's threshold are also provided.
Metabolic Rate Test - Determine resting metabolic rate (RMR) and calories burned during exercise (fat, carbohydrates) at different training zones
Combine Athlete Selection Screening™ (CASS)
This is a pre-selection screening which includes an examination of all the sub-systems that impact performance at the highest levels. All of this information is summarized in a brief report with recommendations to enable teams and organizations can make more informed decisions about athlete selection.
Detailed Athlete Post-Selection Screening™ (DAPS)
Post-selection data is provided on the current state of the individual athlete, and the team. Information is given regarding team and individual strengths and weaknesses (both physical and mental), suggestions for training goals are provided, early warning signs of overtraining, burnout or injury are highlighted with action plans to keep your athletes on a healthy course to achieve optimal performance.
Full Season Assessment
Three or more assessments can be conducted throughout the season to provide data on the current and projected state of athletes and their response to training demands. Beginning in the pre-season, our team helps identify strengths and weakness on the physical, mental, and emotional levels of performance as a part of our General Performance Protocol™.

Some teams/organizations will have specific questions about performance or consistency. Just as research can answer difficult questions by carefully constructing the right means we can customize our science to fit the needs of our clients through our Performance Optimization Protocol™.
Injury Recovery
We can work with the coaching staff and your trainers to help tailor specific recovery protocols depending on the type of injury sustained. A specific plan will be created for each individual to monitor the recovery period and provide objective data to make return to play decisions. Contact us for more details.
Performance Testing for Coaches™ (PTC)
As a coach, you are just as much of a performer as your athletes. In fact, performance is performance. It doesn’t matter if it is running the play, or reading the patterns as a coach to call the play. The constant demands coaches face can negatively impact performance for coaches, too, who can benefit from our PTC program to perform at a higher level.

Flexible Programs

We will work with your team to define the services and technologies that will best enhance your overall program, based on your sport, the goals of your organization, and your internal resources. We then collaboratively define a program to give your organization the data you need to improve.

We can provide short term engagements, such as through our Combine Athlete Selection Screening; however, most of our engagements are longer term partnerships with the organizations we work with.

Through our longer term services, like our Full Season Assessments, we partner with your staff throughout the year – from off season training right through the season and post-season. We enhance and extend your staff and provide you access to the critical knowledge and technologies to make your program better, with a very flexible structure.