Leveraging the Mind to

Improve Performance

Performance Testing

Mastery in sports requires three critical factors: practice, benchmarking current abilities and consistent feedback. Without benchmarking and consistent feedback, performance is often erratic. Athletes may appear to simply “go through the motions” at practice and be unsure of how they will perform in competition.

Coaches and athletes benefit tremendously from more accurate information regarding what is actually happening at practice and during competition.

Coaches have a unique challenge - they are often thought of as leading a team, but they are actually training individuals. Gathering individualized information from athletes presents a logistical challenge to even the most highly organized and well supported teams. Our performance solutions provide coaches more information about the current functioning and potential capacity of athletes.

In the same light, athletes need information to assist in building confidence that hard work and specific training regimens are working. Without accurate and objective information, consistency is often elusive. Accurate assessment of the critical aspects of performance removes the mystery.

The goal of our services is to help athletes and teams maximize their performance and simultaneously improve well-being. Our programs help athletes achieve and execute their skills with precision and consistency,increase power available on demand, and minimize fatigue.